Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wordrobe Malfunction

[a word of caution: this post is meant for the Twitter-literate (#twitterate?]

Is there a #tcot equivalent to #therestofus, I asked. #trou?

Would #trousers fit properly? Or would #tcot brand us as #slacks?

Personally I'm a little tired of being treated like a #blouse [Bleeding Libs & Other Sissy Equivalents] when I feel more like a #shirt [Still Hopeful In Real Time].

My brain is struggling to adapt to #blogtime: the perceived compression of time in proportion to discussion of a particular person, event, or trend. In the right stream, a news item, insult, or other meme explodes in popularity in a matter of minutes, and saturation (or passe-ity) may set in long before many otherwise astute folks even set ears on it.

How to carry oneself in the same tunnel as such a fast-moving train? Hard to judge the speed with which events should actually occur relative to the volume of discussion anticipating, marking, or postmarking their occurrence.

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