Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"Televandalists" and other copycoinage

Fine, there's a band. I didn't know that until three minutes ago. I "coined" the term in response to my friend Sandy, who bragged about writing on everyone's Facebook walls as her New Year's greeting. The act of scrawling on someone's virtual space should have a better name than spamming, or trolling even.

If you don't like it, ephough. That was almost me too, although there's apparently someone called that on FIQL. ? She never posted, though. If you manage to dig up this post and buy the domain before I do, I hope you liked what you read.

Last night, my non-TV-watching friend reminded me again that "TV will kill your brain." My response:

"Overachiever. UnderTVer."

I got that one.

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